Offer a Comprehensive Solution with Card Payments Processing.

With the ever-evolving payments landscape, it has become more difficult for businesses to provide complex and comprehensive payment services. To select the best payment gateway, merchant support and processing solutions for your customers is time-consuming and can lead to low returns. Taking two primary examples, this is why 90% of the Direct Debit providers and 80% of Independent Sales Organisations in the UK outsource their card payment solutions to MOBAM. MOBAM have built from the ground up a full white label payment platform to enable resellers to accept global payments for credit and debit cards and alternative payment methods.
As an independent payment gateway, MOBAM is fully accredited and directly integrated with many acquiring banks globally to facilitate merchant accounts. Security, technology and on-boarding are handled by our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant system so the reseller can focus on growing their business sales.
A business owner typically needs a diverse set of skills to succeed, including a deep market knowledge, effective management of business operations and hard work. One way to increase sales and profits is by offering third party products and services that complement their existing core solution. In the world of card payments, a white label payment gateway partnership is designed to add value to customers and your business, create additional recurring revenue streams and achieve economies of scale. If your business and service facilitate card payments, below are highlights of key advantages to white labelling a payment gateway. 
Increase in Revenue

If the services and solutions that a company provides include creating a payment transaction, they could benefit from white labelling MOBAM’s turn-key payment gateway to monetise each transaction. Instead of referring to another default gateway and receiving no or little commissions in return, resellers have the flexibility of putting a margin (of their choosing) on top of our attractive wholesale rates. What’s more, the reseller partner 100% owns the merchant so the recurring revenue streams are for the lifetime of the merchant. 

Strengthen Offering and Customer Loyalty 

Adding a solution that works well alongside your core offering will increase your customers’ dependence on you, making them less likely to remove themselves from your rounded service. Customers’ habits are becoming more reliant on a single central point for a bundle of services. Unifying payment solutions provide an efficient, cost-effective method of processing payments through one service provider. 

Reduce Costs 

If a reseller is maintaining or creating their own payment gateway, there is a huge cost in terms of maintenance, constant development, staffing, PCI auditing, servers and other hardware and other associated costs. Outsourcing to a payment gateway that specialises in white labelling would see a significant reduction in costs and a quick ROI. 

Attract Partners 

Offering complimentary solutions under one roof can make a company become an industry leader. With greater size, the business can establish a regional or national brand and gain greater purchasing power. This, in turn, gives the company more negotiating power to get better deals with suppliers. 

Increase Economies of Scale 

A business that white labels a third-party solution may lead to the elimination of duplicate assets such as developers, servers, PCI auditors, which equals financial savings. By reducing the number of facilities in business and outsourcing, it can save money and operate more efficiently. This may also improve communication between business functions, such as marketing and achieve savings by decreasing headcount and processes. 

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