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Our MOBAM Support Center covers all areas related to the MOBAM platform.


Common FAQ’s

1. Boarding Solution

You choose the style, design, name and domain for the processing system. We can add the acquiring bank you work with to the system upon request. Our white-label payment platform easily incorporates your design and style. beGateway has the expertise, skills and knowledge to provide your organization with it’s own branded payment gateway.

MOBAM offer KYC and KYB services as well as AML, Risk services and more. These can be offered as a white-label service (we do it on behalf of your business), or via secondary screening programs.

No. MOBAM supports licensed financial institutions and also non-licensed fintechs and payment companies. All MOBAM services are available to businesses, regardless of your licensing. 

Immediately upon signing the contract, our specialists will start setting up your processing system based on MOBAM platform. For them to be able to do this, you need to provide registered domain names for your system (for the back office, gateway and payment page). Besides, you will be required to provide a valid SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection with the domain.

It is a two-step process:

  1. Setting up MOBAM platform
  2. Customization according to your requirements

On our own servers, we launch a copy of MOBAM white label payment platform and customize it, for it to become your payment service processing system.

3. Technology

  • MO/TO terminal
  • Recurring payments
  • Payment Link
  • Pre Authorizations
  • Refunds
  • Storing chargeback information
  • Payout
  • Simple integration via shopping cart modules
  • API
  • Payment form in iFrame
  • Hosted payment page
  • Without integration – by means of back office

We can add the acquiring bank you work with to the system upon request. Get from your partner only the relevant API documentation and test data.
MOBAM  a white label payment gateway is fully compatible with most of the banks API.

Our ready to use third party plugins will enable the merchants to integrate instantly with their existing shopping cart.Supported platforms include:
  • Magento
  • Magento 2.0
  • Opencart
  • OsCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • ZenCart
  • Woo Commerce

2. Risk Tracker

MOBAM Risk Tracker or Merchant Monitoring System helps you to detect, analyze and manage transaction, behavior and habits of the merchants and the cardholders based on a number of pre-defined monitoring rules in the system.

Default monitoring rules are defined as per the guidelines provided by VISA and MasterCard. These include:

  • Transaction Monitoring
    • Card Velocity, High Amount, Ticket Size etc.
  • Chargebacks & Refund Monitoring
    • Volume Ratio, Count Ratio, Refund Ratio, etc.
  • Sales Monitoring
    • Actual Sales ratio, Foreign Sales, Pending Authorization, etc.

All the risk monitoring rules are fully configurable. You can define & configure:

  • Frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Thresholds – Alert Threshold, Suspension Threshold
  • Department wise alerts

Real time monitoring graphs for each frequency Daily, Weekly and Monthly to give better control of your Merchant performance.

The platform provides real time monitoring graphs for each frequency, that is Daily, Weekly and Monthly, to give you a precise view on Merchant performance.

Using Risk Tracker you can define different thresholds for alerts and auto suspension of merchant accounts for each of the monitoring rule in the system.

4. Payment SOlution

Our ready to use integration kits will allow your merchants to integrate instantly. The white label documentation will complement your service.
  • Multiple Integration Options with Sample Code
    • Standard Integration
    • REST API  Integration
    • Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS
  • Supports Multiple Technologies
    • JAVA, JSP , PHP, Curl, Python, Ruby and many more
  • Our APIs to support multiple formats
    • o Form based, XML based , JSON based APIs

Fully responsive payment page which can be customized as per your brand & identity or can be configured as per your merchant’s identity.

  • Responsive Page
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Customize to reflect Partner/ Merchant identity
    • Logo
    • URL
    • Theme Color

MOBAM provide powerful Partner interface to manage all their merchant accounts.

  • Boarding Manager – To manage Merchant Application
  • Risk Tracker – To monitor Merchant Account
  • Merchant Account Set-up through Partner Interface
  • Managing Chargeback, Frauds & Settlements for various merchants
  • Real Time MIS Report – Fraud, Refund, Chargebacks…

MOBAM platform provides various payment instruments to cater the need of different businesses and merchants. A Single platform integrating all possible payment instruments lets you start your PSP immediately.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • SEPA Express
  • Vouchers

Video Tutorials

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