What is a white label payment gateway?

White Label

A white-label payment gateway is a kind of payment gateway method which allows a company to provide payment processing services under its name. In simpler words, in white label payment gateway solution, the company uses its own ‘label’ on top of the white label or blank label. This is from where white label payment gateway has derived.

White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions vs. Traditional Payment Solutions

The key difference between white-label payment gateway vs traditional payment gateway is that in the latter, the company uses the services of a third-party gateway under the name of the gateway.

Benefits of choosing white label payment solution :

You create your own look(Get the artist out of you):  

You get the freedom selecting the style, name, domain, and design. There will be an option usually pre-enabled with the major Payment options and acquiring banks, you will easily start getting merchants on your platform.

Brand Visibility(Show off the brand):

Adding white label payment solutions is a perfect way to strengthen your brand over multiple channels and improve your brand image. It is mainly beneficial for those kind of businesses that are offering several services and products from third-parties. 

Quick start(We are all in a hurry):

Just a few days to provide you with administrator’s access to your card payment acceptance and processing system.

Fraud protection(Be alert and aware) :

The white label payment gateway ensures that clients are protected from chargebacks. With any white label solution comes a built in fraud protection.

Data & Analytics(Who doesn’t like transparency in work):

Gain insights that matter to your business, which you can act upon. Everything in real-time and cross-channel, giving live access to the intelligence your business needs to optimize and grow. Deliver detailed transaction information to your merchants. All in a sexy and intuitive User Interface that’s branded as your own.

Gateway Connections:

Increase your network by adding processor connections, as well as Alternative Payment Methods. Decrease your time to market.

Multiple currency processing: (More options Is always better):

White label solution enables processing transactions in various currencies allowing you to expand your business across borders.

PCI DSS compliant:

White label comes with PCI DSS compliant and every customer of the Platform becomes automatically PCI DSS compliant.

Relatively Affordable payment solutions (Within the budget)

There are various options in the market. Look for something which is best suitable for you and within your budget.

Advanced Payment Tokenization:

Tokenization is done to make the data secure. The regular clients of merchants can make the payment without entering the detailed information related to payments because everything is pre saved. The token replaces the card number, and the Card number can be restored only for unused tokens. Most importantly, It encircles card transactions with another layer of security. Thus, we can say that the cardholder’s data is secure in every way.

iPayTotal offers a fully customizable white-label payment gateway enabling to extend payment processing services to merchants and other business entities around the globe.

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