Why Us

Systematic Approach

Concentrate On Growing Your Business

Our belief in not fitting a technology to fix a problem but finding a dedicated solution for you, whatever technology it takes, has allowed us to continue to inspire, transform and create synergies that shape the digital space. Whatever you need, we’re inviting you to grow with us and together we can integrate technologies with infinite possibilities.

We are not a technology. We are a collective of people that simply use technology to solve problems. And we are good at it because we continue to break through boundaries every day.

However, this speed and the success that has come from it are only possible because we follow a set of core principles. These ensure we never stray from the path we set out all those years ago. Passion is one of our core principles and our core principles are what keep MOBAM from becoming just like everybody else.


Professional Payment Solutions

Merchant Onboarding: seamless

Quick and easy merchant onboarding Customizable and brandable experience KYC and underwriting screenings

Flexibility for your platform business

API to API Integration
both 2D and 3D's
Plugin support for all content management system Very easy installation

True partnership with dedicated support

Dedicated account management and support Integration support for customized migration and setup Customer acquisition campaigns


Our tokenisation solution secures credit card data, giving you peace of mind.


24/7 to assist clients with any integration or management issues that arise.


Our Risk Solutions program ensures your business is up-to-date, PCI compliant and secure in a rapidly changing world.


plugging into MOBAM means Be confident that you're not going to lose customers at the checkout.

Succeeding Together with Experience and Expertise

Scale up with MOBAM

Detect, prevent and stop fraud in its tracks. Let our 20+ years of experience and industry-leading expertise help you navigate PCI compliance,chargeback management and fraud prevention.